Vision and Mission


Our center is devoted to education and research. We adopt a critical and constructive perspective in view of our current social practices

By introducing contemplative practices, we promote an education that provides to the individual the key to his own resources of innate altruism and lucidity. This allows for his full integration into the world, as a way to preserve it and improve it for the sake of all beings.

To do this, we adopt a methodology that addresses the issues of consciousness, life and society combining third-person perspectives, with first-person perspectives.

The project is guided by a vision of education that emphasizes the training of the mind as the primary cause for reducing individual and collective suffering, thus promoting a broader planetary well-being.

Contemplative practices provide the means for transformation into a more balanced, stable and discerning perspectives and attitudes.


We are committed to participate on the ongoing debates on education, with the intention to open new lines of research to implement contemplative practices in the context of primary, secondary and higher education.

We believe that those ideals will find expression in an open and creative atmosphere of research and teaching, inspired by a sense of responsibility in the service of a more just and compassionate society encouraged to take responsible action to preserve the well-being of other living creature and to sustain our planet for future generations.