Cookies policy

Cookies are brief informations which are sent to and stored on the users harddrive by the browser when it connects to a website. They can be used to obtain and store user data while connected to enable the use of requested services and which are usually not kept after leaving the site (session cookies), or for storing user information for another future service and indefinite time (persistent cookies).

There are cookies of all sorts:

  1. Technical cookies that make the general navigation easier for the user and the use of all kinds of options or services that the site offers, such as the authentication of the session, the access to particular areas, orders, purchases, autofill forms, registrations, security, the use of applications (videos, social networks) etc.
  2. Authentication cookies which allow the user to access services according to personal preferences (language, browser, configuration) etc.
  3. Analytical cookies which allow an anonymous analysis of the users browsing profile, measuring the activity and elaborating navigation profiles with the objective to improve webpages.
  4. Publicity cookies which allow the management of publicity spots in the net.
  5. Personalized publicity cookies explore the users online activity obtaining a profile and this allows to personalize advertisements shown in the users browser.

Mente, Vida y Sociedad only uses technical, authentication and analytical cookies, our own or third party cookies. We never sell personal data or habits of navegation for publicity purposes.

Therefore, with accessing our website, in fullfilment of the article 22 of the law of services of the information society about handling analytical cookies, we’re asking the users consent to allow the use of cookies which are not always stored for a reasonable time, so that the user has time to decide to give his consent or not.

We always inform the user about activation or deactivation of those cookies according to the instructions of the internet browser which is being used.